Transparency and overview – anytime and everywhere

A perfectly scheduled and smooth course of the project is the basic requirement for the success of your project. To ensure this is our motivation. 

The work on several power plant projects has shown us the facts that prevent a project from running smoothly. Here are some essential examples:


  • Every party involved in the project (engineering, manufacturing, construction site) or member of a consortium enters his data independently   
  • Different data bases and sets on different sites
  • Several data sets on the same issue
  • No up-to-date actual values, no realistic comparison with the given value possible  


This finding was crucial for the development of our NESTLER System with its dynamic and web based data base, the NESTLERweb. The complexity of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) has been fully considered. We geared the development towards the protection of an effective and cost optimizing procedure.

What is essential is a constantly up-to-date pool which is easily comprehensible to anybody at any time and accessible at any time from any place.


All-over monitoring down to the last detail

Our NESTLER system includes all subareas of engineering, procurement and construction ranging from the planning and management, warehousing and inventory control to a final reliable quality and report management.


The complex process of drawing management, material and part monitoring, quality assurance and document and report management causes a huge amount of figures and facts from various sources.

Reliable comparisons of target and actual figures with the complete construction are therefore tremendously difficult and cause a high expenditure of time and cost. However, the collection and processing of these data are indispensable.


For the first time our NESTLER system manages all data and information of every single part centrally from one data base. An implementation of any third-party software in its in-house IT environment is needless.  

Every data set exists just once. All actual states are recorded in the system, such as the drawing status, the part or quality status. The target data you have specified allow up-to-to date comparisons and evaluations at any time. So the project status can be shown in a transparent and clear manner.



Our NESTLER system is constantly developed and adapted to the specific needs of your project!


We would be happy to give you more details on the exact functionality of our NESTLER system in a personal conversation.

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