3. Part Management

Monitoring from the manufacturing to the assembly

With our part management you keep always up to date with all parts. All required documents are concentrated in one surface under one database.

The parts lists and quantity structures form the basis for the complete registration of all parts. What follows is an automatic match of drawing, component, delivery note, test report, certificate and other important elements. For this purpose the parts lists related to the drawings are standardized and imported into the system. Thus details such as steel grade, profile type, plate thickness or weight are automatically stored. Project specific data such as target dates for the manufacturing, delivery and assembly are also stored and matched in a structured way.


All-over logging

From the beginning and by means of system barcodes every part is labelled with a customized or standardized name – such as the power plant classification system.

All messages related to the part are submitted via barcode scanner or online. So there is no need for keeping lists of any kind. Predefined status such as „start of production“, „end of production“ or „ready for dispatch“ can be seen immediately in the system. This resource saving method of the part registration offers the manufacturer, engineering or the construction site a detailed overview of the status of the production, the delivery and the assembly.

Since the complete technical documentation is continued during the complete manufacturing process and all advices of amendment and work instructions are registered in the NESTLER System modifications can be implemented at the production plant or on the construction site according to the requirements and within a short time.


Uniform and central

Large scale projects require a cross-company cooperation. With the use of our central data base NESTLERweb the NESTLER System enables you to create uniform delivery notes (system delivery notes) for all parts.

With the delivery note NESTLER System automatically provides the corresponding documentation. The scope of delivery can be changed on the delivery note via scan until the final loading. The warehouse management is also done by means of system barcodes and scanners. Predefined storage spaces that are identifiable with barcodes and a central goods receipt based on the system delivery notes allow an optimum use of warehouse space. Furthermore NESTLERweb enables you to keep track of the stock, the planned deliveries as well as missing and additional parts.

Even during this project section the parts are tracked by means of a defined status code which ensures a continuous assembly process.


Complete status reports and detailed evaluations allow the project management a comprehensive overview.

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